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Maintenance by update

Its purpose is to compensate for advances in technology

It is the maintenance whose purpose is to compensate for technological obsolescence, or new requirements, which at the time of construction did not exist or were not taken into account but which today if they have to be

Update maintenance, although it is an action for a team to continue producing with its original efficiency, is done by necessity when the options are terminated to have an original replacement, when they reach their natural old age or by simple status, since the same modernity causes the builders to remove these components from their stock, and sometimes to the same equipment, sometimes very fast.

It turns out that suddenly you need a replacement, you request it but it no longer exists, you want to replace it with the one in the normal market line, but it is not compatible, because every day equipment and entire plants appear with more modern components and with the same or greater efficiency, dynamic that forces the engineering area of ​​the industry to test new components to keep productivity at the same level; So update maintenance is done in order to maintain or improve performance. But let's not confuse updating with modifying, an update is about not altering its mechanisms or the way in which it has occurred throughout life.

This type of maintenance is carried out after an engineering analysis that assures that all the variables have been taken into account so as not to alter the structure or the productive conditions of a team, and this also ensures that the components used guarantee their existence in The market for a long time.

Main objectives

  • 01 - Maximize production
  • 02 - Minimize costs
  • 03 - Comply with quality requirements
  • 04 - Energy conservation
  • 05 - Maximum availability of installed infrastructure
  • 06 - Increase the useful life of assets
  • 07 - Reduce maintenance costs
  • 08 - Optimize the human resource
  • 09 - Minimize maintenance periods
  • 10 - Avoid waste generation and resource depletion, heading for a Circular Economy

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