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Why eco-innovation?

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Eco-innovation is an innovation process through which new products, services and technologies that reduce the global impact on the environment are developed and launched. Through eco-innovation, the optimization of all production phases is sought through the modification of production and consumption patterns, trying to make efficient use of natural resources by analyzing their life cycle, as well as the application of new management methods in business that avoid or minimize environmental damage.

Eco-innovation can therefore be applied in three aspects: the design / re-design of new products and services (eco-design), the optimization of production processes and the improvement of business administration procedures.

In addition to the benefits that it brings to the environment, eco-innovation can help increase a company's competitive capacity through multiple channels:

  • Improved operability and reduced costs through optimized use of resources
  • Reduction of pollution control and waste management costs
  • Lower risk of non-compliance with environmental regulations
  • Creation of new markets or new market segments
  • Improving the image and the relationship with customers, suppliers, authorities and employees.

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