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Best Dust Collection Guaranteed

Why is a correct collection system so important?

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With this process we seek to collect suspended particles in the environment, which do not fall by seriousness at the moment and that can cause damage to both health and equipment that are installed in the area.

The main thing in a collection system is to have a good design and dimensioning of the team, since it is not only to confine the particles by doing so, you have to evaluate this to determine the most appropriate process for this.

An example would be to ask:

How pollutant is the emission? Does it have any regulations? Can it be reused in My process the material collected? Is it explosive? Is it abrasive ?, etc., so: it must be verified what kind of material is to be collected and evaluated to determine what the process would be ideal for collection, design sustainable engineering and / or eco-innnovate the process. Thus we managed to design a correct system, which complies with the established norms, with that of its insurance hired, but above all, to help us take care of staff, recover from one or the other form is particulate to either return it to the process or give it some other use, without losing it.

Within the collection systems already installed performing sustainable engineering you can innovate with all the advantages that this entails, since it is important to mention that new technologies help us to make the equipment already installed more efficient, from its construction structure, until its collection process, that is: we can make a system within its construction prolongs its useful life, and at the same time, make more efficient its collection capacity up to 50% with Ecogate.

How we accomplished this:

Currently there are products that can reinforce the walls inside and outside of our equipment, doing with this, extend the life of the collection box, in the same way, a correct Duct design with the corresponding accessories, can help us make more efficient and especially to increase the collection capacity with the same team, among other things.

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